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Our Aim
The Institute is an independent, not-for-profit "think tank" that conducts research, educates, and promotes responsible stewardship of existing infrastructure assets as a way to safeguard public safety, limit service impairment caused by aging components, and reduce life-cycle financial risk. We pursue this goal with owners and governments by advocating:

Our Partners

The Institute derives revenues from consulting and research work and is not funded by donations or gifts from advocacy groups or businesses. We actively support:and encourage:

Our Activities
Professionals in government, industry, and academia who promote responsible infrastructure stewardship;
Elected officials whose votes impact on infrastructure spending, budgeting, and setting priorities;
Contractors who provide  infrastructure management services;
Organizations concerned with the safety and performance of public infrastructure; and
Researchers and students who are preparing a thesis or completing their education in Infrastructure Asset Management
Symposiums on best practices
Pilot programs to validate state-of-the-art methods and tools
Alliances and Educational Partnerships
Infrastructure Stewardship Training
Scholarships for graduate students
Publication of peer-reviewed papers.
responsible stewardship of the nation's aging Infrastructure
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Last Modified 7 July 2011
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A strategic, risk-based approach  for infrastructure asset management that is cost-effective, transparent, & credible;
Best practices that are affordable, state-of-the-art, & strategically integrated; and
Accountability for informed, strategically-aligned decision-making regarding capital investment in aging facilities
Knowledge, training, and helping individuals attain the skills to become competent in allocating capital repair funds to the best and highest use.
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What responsible stewards are saying
Infrastructure Manager - Raytheon Corporation

US Congressman

"I have taken the concepts that you introduced to us and turned them into a very powerful tool that . . . .

“Even the most ardent liberal and passionate conservative can agree that . . . .  “

“The problem is that the way we choose our infrastructure projects is an embarrassment. “
      "Condition Assessment in Facility Asset Management"

  The business process: its purpose, uses, benefits, and hurdles;
3 alternative categories of process deployment;
Comparison of the 3 alternatives;
*  A case study; and
*  Recommendations
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